Key use cases

Flexible and scalable platform to serve diverse use cases

Competitive Intelligence

  • Business & financial performance
  • Business expansion
  • New products & services
  • Client wins
  • GTM initiatives
  • Leadership quotes/LinkedIn posts
  • Operational/legal challenges
  • Thought leaderships/blogs/case studies
  • Job posting analysis
  • Competitor/ product profile

Account Intelligence

  • Monitor key market players
  • Company/executive profile
  • Current/future business priorities
  • Recent developments
  • Management changes
  • Leadership quotes/LinkedIn posts
  • Key issues/challenges
  • Relevant operational priorities
  • Emerging risks
  • Opportunities

Market Intelligence

  • Global/regional industry trends
  • Significant developments
  • Analysts' viewpoint
  • New innovations/technology
  • Funding/investments
  • M&A analysis
  • Emerging trends and themes
  • Key issues/challenges
  • Emerging threats/opportunities
  • Customer viewpoint
  • Marketing events analyses
  • Regulatory changes
Key functions

Single source of truth for all your business functions

CXO / Leadership

Get early warnings to help with medium- and long-term strategy planning and locate the best growth prospects.


Identify trends in your markets, pinpoint the industry's direction, and weigh your strengths/ weaknesses against competitors


Targeting new clients, upselling and cross-selling to current clients, and restarting dialogue with dormant clients


Benchmark the competition, identify lead sources and drive effective marketing campaigns that delight and deliver


Gain insights into user preferences about competing products and evolve your product roadmap based on user insights


AI-Enabled market & competitive insights engine


Automate Intel Collection with Highly Customized Information Sourcing

Go beyond limited coverage from the news to include intelligence from customizable sources including company websites, social media, press releases, review websites, and regulatory portals.


Extract Signals from Digital Noise with Unmatched Relevance

Get actionable intelligence via a hybrid system of machine learning and contextual noise-filtering algorithms, augmented by a thin layer of human curation.


Share Personalized Intelligence with your Teams

Distribute intelligence tailored to your internal business taxonomy via newsfeed, intelligence newsletter reports, automated emails, and News APIs.

Key Features

Intuitive Dashboards

Leverage our customizable dashboards to create a single-source-of-truth (SSOT) that visualizes trends in your market landscape to align teams with key stakeholders.

  • Data visualization: Connect the dots with in-depth primary and secondary research rendered as compelling data visualizations.

  • Trend identification: Identify trends and patterns in competitors’ strategies by getting a unified and granular view of their activities.

  • Dedicated dashboards: Build dedicated dashboards for competitors, customers, partners, market segments and topics of interest.

Intelligence Newsletter Reports

Get intelligence newsletter reports and email alerts covering the most relevant updates about your competitors, customers, industries, and topics of interest.

  • Template Builder: Build personalized reports complete with your brand colors and logo.

  • Newsletter Manager: Curate reports for leadership and strategy teams with automated analysis and insights.

  • User Analytics: Analyze the consumption of intelligence by tracking user metrics organization-wide.

Curated Newsfeed

Curated, noise-free updates on your market and competitive landscape from online news, company websites, social, blogs, regulatory portals, and niche sources.

  • Smart Filters: Filter updates by a customized taxonomy that includes competitors, key executives, industries, topics of interest, and more.

  • Add comments: Comment on updates to start the conversation with teammates around identifying key takeaways.

  • Centralized repository: Upload and manage internal content such as primary intel, reports, and presentations.

Global Newsfeed

Discover new competitors, technologies, trends, and business signals outside the scope of your current market and competitive landscape.

  • Diversified sources: Access all of the content aggregated by Intello’s market and competitive intelligence platform using its proprietary crawling infrastructure, from over 500,000 sources.

  • Export: Export content from the Global Newsfeed to the Curated Newsfeed.

  • M&CI search engine: Explore the global business landscape with your very own market and competitive intelligence search engine.

Taxonomy Builder

Build your own customized taxonomy of tags and filters to easily search for intelligence based on your competitors, customers, topics of interest, and more.

  • Create, edit or remove tags to resonate with your organization’s unique intelligence requirements.

  • Build tagging rules to intelligently sort updates into discernible information architecture.

  • Fine-tune noise-filtering at a granular level by managing tagging rules.

Website Change Tracker

Track the website changes of your competitors or prospects to get early insights into their subtle tactical moves.

  • Monitor competitor strategies, changes in positioning, new deals, appointments and/or dismissals of key leadership by tracking their websites.

  • Track accounts' websites for behavioral and contextual information to capitalize on opportunities and get them on board.

Sourcing Manager

Add custom sources using the built-in sourcing module and manage all active sources in a single view.

  • Integrate your preferred sources to fetch information from anywhere on the web, in addition to Intello’s pre-configured 500,000+ sources.

  • Add keywords to fetch content, add to the market intelligence platform and apply exclusion rules to exclude content containing unwanted keywords.

User Management & Analytics

Ensure the right information is sourced, analyzed, and disseminated.

  • Grant or restrict access to modules and knowledge areas in the competitive intelligence platform for your users and teams.

  • Calculate ROI based on user engagement scores and content consumption patterns.

  • Analyze the right metrics to gain insight into your user’s preferences.

White-label Platform

Customize the market intelligence platform with your brand’s logo, color palette, and visual design language.

  • Cement your brand identity in the minds of customers, investors and stakeholders.

  • Build a personalized experience to forge a visual connection with your users to your brand personality.

By product

Market & Competitive Intelligence Platform

Fully-customizable M&CI platform designed to cater to your organization's needs.

News API

Enrich your apps with noise-free, structured and machine-readable News API.

By function


Spend less time searching, make more available for analysis and driving insights.

Market research

Deliver insights to your clients in a branded, bespoke research delivery platform.


Monitor and track your competitors across their entire digital footprint.


Target new accounts, upsell and cross-sell, and restart the conversation with dormant ones.

By industry


Fuel innovation and achieve a sustained competitive advantage for your pharma firm.


Track vendors, channel partners, competitors, customers and the latest disruptors impacting the tech industry.


Empower your clients and your business with Competitive Intelligence for Consulting.


Timely and accurate insights for success in the ever-changing BFSI landscape.

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